The MBTA and The Greenline

The MBTA and The Greenline

MBTA General Manager Michael Mulhern yesterday fired 33 staff members. That sucks for those people and I wish them luck. Mulhern also plans to trim about 100 employees from the Green Line by running trolleys with a single driver. I don’t think this is such a good idea. The green line is already one of the most unreliable lines and this guy thinks laying off drivers will help close the budget cap. Cutting drivers will only worsen the budget gap. I happen to live on the green line and work near Kenmore Square. If I’m going to be late for work because I can’t get on a train or because they don’t come in timely intervals, I won’t buy a T pass. I’ll find some one to commute with. I’ll take a cab in the morning and walk home after work. I’ll buy tokens for when I do take the train. Maybe I’ll just pay the $1.25 to get on. Maybe I won’t even have to do that because the dollar slot will be jammed full and the driver will wave me by. Get the idea.


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